NAICS Code Description
The culmination of these skills, which are all components that the company has self-performed in the past, is
what enables Turn-Key to perform most aspects of large construction and remediation projects.
236220 Commercial and Industrial Building Construction

Electrical Contractors

237130 Power & Communication Line & Related Structures                                                                                                       
238140 Masonry Contractor
238910 Site Preparation Contractors
237110 Water & Sewer Line Structures Construction
238120 Structural Steel & Precast Concrete Structures
238120 Highway, Street & Bridge Construction
237990 Other Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction                                                                                     
238110 Concrete Foundation & Structure Contractors 
541330 Engineering Services   
238990 All Other Specialty Trade Contractors
541370 Land Survey                                                                                                                                                  
561790 Services to Buildings & Dwellings                                                                                                           
561730 Landscaping Services                                                                                                                                                          
562910 Remediation Services

Utility Installation

Installation, upgrades, and repairs of storm drains, sanitary sewers, power lines, water lines, gas lines, communication cables, and electrical lines.


Installation of pipelines using PVC, butt-fusion HDPE, steel, ductile iron, reinforced concrete, and vitrified clay.


Excavation or grading of soils with hazardous constituents such as landfill closures, soil removal actions, selective removals, structural excavations.


Paving for streets, parking lots, environmental caps, etc.


Demolition of buildings, bridges, streets, railroads, foundations, etc.


Construction of mass foundations, vaults, concrete structures, abutments, bridges, slabs, walls, walks, and paving.

Shoring and Piling

Placing of soldier piles, tie backs, cast-in-drilled hole piling, and lagging.

Material Handling

Handling, staging, screening, sampling, crushing, recycling and loading of soils, aggregates, refuse, commodities, metals, etc.

Wetlands Mitigation And Restoration.

Construction and restoration of wetland, streams, or rivers


Earthwork, concrete construction, electrical, and mechanical installations in association with soil or groundwater treatment systems and plants.

Environmental Disposal

Sampling, profiling, and arrangement for safe environmental disposal.

Tank Services

UST and AST removals, cleaning, destruction, upgrades, and installations.

Waste Recovery Systems

Construction of vapor recovery systems; start up, operations and maintenance.

Liner Installation

Installation of liners for landfills and lagoons.

Waste Treatment System

Design, permitting, and operations